Meridis Cocogiri Dive Sites






Miyaru Kandu

  • Location: Alimathaa Uthuru Kandu
  • Depth: 5m - 30m
  • Fish life: above average
  • Coral growth: good
  • Features: sharks
  • Experience level: *** advanced divers (beginners, if conditions are suitable)

Miyaru is the Dhivehi name for shark. On the north corner of the channel is a cave at 33 meters which is an excellent place for spotting grey reef sharks. There are more caves deeper on the outside reef. The best place for spotting sharks is the middle of the channel with an ingoing current. If the current is too strong, stay on the corner of the reef. Often seen in the channel are white tip and black tip reef sharks.







Devana Kandu

  • Location: second channel south of Alimathaa
  • Depth: 5m - 25m
  • Fish life: above average
  • Coral growth: excellent
  • Features: pelagic fish, sharks, coral
  • Experience level: ** Beginners, if conditions are suitable

MARINE PROTECTED AREA - The channel is divided in the middle by a 250m long reef. The entire channel, both the north and south passage has been declared a marine protected area. With an ingoing current, divers can experience one of the most exhilarating drift dives in Vaavu Atoll. On the outside reef are caves and overhangs that drop vertically from 30m to the depths below. Grey reef sharks, eagle rays and pelagics are seen around the entrance to both passages, mostly during the north-east monsoon.