Dhonakulhi Dive Sites

Dhonakulhi Tauchplatz AquariumAquarium

(15 min. Boat) Beginner Place, A very easy dive and very good for snorkelling. In a depths of maximum 10 meter you can see a big variety of fish like blue stripe snappers, groupers, tuna fish, moray eels, lion fish. Various cleaning stations - big chance to see Manta rays during the season. Good for photographers. As the name says it looks like an Aquarium full of colourful fish.








Dhonajulhi Tauplatz KanalDhonakulhi Channel

Our housereef channel with an average depths of 16 meters is perfect for drift or scooter diving. In the Manta season the channel is full with Manta rays. Open Water Course dives and Discover Scuba Dive Program are perfect to do off shore. Good for snorkelling and exploring the reef.









Dhonakulhi Tauchplatz Heaven Hell

Heaven & Hell

(40 min Boat) Advanced Divers - Nitrox. One of our best dive sites for soft corals. Thila which starts in about 18 meters depths. Overhangs on all sites of the reef are covered with amazing soft corals in the colours of yellow, pink, green and blue. If we have current and all corals are open it is a beautiful dive ! Great for pictures.









Dhonakulhi Tauchplatz Kathedrale


(45 min Boat) Advanced dive. Long faru reef with a beautiful swim through starting in 20 meters. The Cathedral is beautiful covered with corals and very nice for taking pictures. In the overhangs good chance of seeing sting rays. You can find blue soft corals at the wall.









Dhonakulhi Tauchplatz  Ihavandhoo Channel Thila

Ihavandhoo Channel Thila

(80 min Boat) Beginner and Advanced. Shallow thila in the middle of a channel. If we have strong current, lots of fish. Manta cleaning station. Top reef full of scorpion fish, nudibranches, small stuff. Nice overhangs with lobsters and lion fish. Good for photographers.









Dhonakulhi Tauchplatz Mathi Faru

Mathi Faru

(7 min Boat) Beginner and Advanced Dive. Wall starting in 6 meters going down to 30 meters depths. Covered with different kind of sponges, many small overhangs where you can see different kind of cleaning shrimp, lion fish, moray eels and lot of fish life on the top reef. Very nice place for night diving. Good for snorkelling.